Perkons believes that its role in the promotion and development of more human and safer traffic goes beyond the offering of technological solutions. We understand that informing and multiplying the knowledge on topics related to our work will make difference in the incentive and engagement of changes that the area needs.

Therefore, we offer updated and comprehensive content in all of our projects. We hope to assist in taking conscious actions that will allow mobility, road safety, and traffic education to work together.

Digital CTB

Conceived by Perkons in 2012, Digital CTB is a project of traffic information democratization, making accessible the content of the Brazilian Road Traffic Code, and the understanding in a simple, practical, and completely free way for the whole society. It currently has more than 4 million hits per year.

Ideal Road Traffic

The Project Ideal Road Traffic is a space to talk about traffic simply and objectively. The purpose is to bring people together and create interest in the topic, increasing the scope of the discussions on the topic. In it, you will find information and tips for safe traffic behavior.

Decade of Action

Perkons was the first company of the private sector to commit to the Decade of Action for Road Safety, established by the UN in 2011. The goal of zeroing the number of road deaths remains shared.

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We were founded out of the ideal for a safe road and three decades ago, our values and pioneering spirit allowed us to operate in the ITS market, meeting demands related to road safety, electronic road inspection, urban mobility, and road management.