Ethics and Compliance

Perkons Integrity Program

Perkons is committed to the laws and regulations of the countries where it works. Therefore, through our Integrity Program, we establish conduct guidelines applicable to all the audiences with which we have a relationship.

In this way, we seek to take our ethics culture beyond our structures. We fully comply with anti-corruption legislation (Law 12,846/2013) and other applicable federal, state, and municipal decrees and regulations. To further strengthen our Integrity Program, we adopted the requirements of the NBR/ISO 37001 (Anti-Bribery Management System).

Anti-Bribery Management System Policy (SGAS)

Perkons is constantly improving its Integrity Program, and to strengthen even more our commitment, we adopted regulation requirements of NBR/ISO 37001:2016 – Anti-Bribery Management System, which is an international regulation focused on organizations that seek to establish and control bribery-related risks.

As a requirement of this management model, we communicate to our stakeholders our commitment to anti-bribery:

Our pact with ethics and the fight against bribery

Present to our clients, regulatory bodies, and society that our actions are guided by ethical, legal principles, and unrestrictedly comply with the anti-corruption and anti-bribery legislation defined by the Country (Law 12,846/2013), not accepting and prohibiting any illegal and/or immoral acts by part of our advisory, directive, collaborative body and by any business partners, as defined by Perkons Conduct Code.

In case of any deviation from the Conduct Code, Perkons encourages everyone to make a complaint through the Tip Hotline, made available through appropriate means (internet, website, and phone) to all the interested parties (clients, suppliers, employees, business partners, etc.), provided that it is based on good faith and without fear of retaliation.

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Perkons seeks continuous improvement of its Integrity Program and Anti-Bribery Management System (SGA) in its structure, processes, and management, according to relevant legislation, based on results of risk analysis, in the objectives of the company management system and performing internal and external audits.

Compliance Officer

The Compliance Officer, whose role is carried out by one of the executive directors, has the responsibility, authority, and independence to guarantee the implementation, maintenance, and internalization of SGA for all the contexts of the organization.

They will also enforce the Conduct Code, policies, regulations, and contractual requirements to all Perkons subsidiaries and, in case there is any deviation from the judged conduct, the Compliance Officer will carry out the measures defined in the Conduct Code and/or other measures necessary for each case.

Quality Management Policy

Meeting the expectations of external and internal clients, keeping an organization that seeks to improve each day its structure, processes, and management style within a pattern of ethical conduct.

Information Safety Management Policy

Meet the expectations of clients, regulatory bodies, and society, regarding the correct treatment of information related to electronic traffic inspection, aiming at guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information entrusted to the company.

Perkons Conduct Code

For us, ethical behavior is summarized in being responsible and taking commitments required by the company so that the fulfillment of its mission is possible, respecting rules, values, and behaviors expected and accepted by society.

We strive to act with integrity, respect, and cooperation, proving to be trustworthy.

Click and access below the Perkons Conduct Code and Perkons Conduct Code for Commercial Partners and Suppliers.

Tip Hotline

As a part of the actions that strengthen Perkons ethical culture, we maintain and make available to all the audiences with which we have a relationship, our tip hotline.

Easy to access, without costs and complications, this channel is operated by a specialized company that guarantees anonymity and total exemption from judgment when receiving and directing tips.

There will be no retaliation to any person, organization, employee, client, etc., who registers a complaint on the channel. Perkins is committed to ascertaining the facts and providing adequate feedback as soon as possible through the system.

We were founded out of the ideal for a safe road and three decades ago, our values and pioneering spirit allowed us to operate in the ITS market, meeting demands related to road safety, electronic road inspection, urban mobility, and road management.