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We are pioneers and leaders in the market of road inspection and management.

With headquarters in Pinhais, metropolitan area of Curitiba (PR), our values are employed here in the thirteen regional offices we have in the national territory, and in each one of more than 500 cities that we service, spread throughout the Brazilian States.

These values are based on respect to people and in human and technological development, which are our success recipe and our commitment to society.

With a solid international presence since 2007, we consolidated our brand among the largest players in the market.

We understand that all technology must be understood and enjoyed for the benefit of people, making their lives richer and more productive.

This is the vision that drives us to continuous training, and it is the experience accumulated for more than three decades that allows us to ensure complete solutions for the Public Administration and Private Market.

We monitor more than 6 billion vehicles a year, with an index of respect for the device installed of 99.93%. We are very proud to say that each installed device saves 3 lives and avoids 34 accidents a year and that the results of electronic inspection reach the reduction of 60% in the number of fatalities and 30% in the number of accidents.

Perkons quality is certified by ISO 37001, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001, in addition to being one of the largest and most innovative companies in the South of Brazil, we also appear in the ranking of Great Places to Work, as one of the best companies to work in.

Our solutions

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Perkons behind the

electronic speed bump

Our Mission

To offer traffic solutions to society through innovating technologies, aiming at mobility and safety.

Our Vision

To become a global leader in the sector of road mobility and safety, being recognized as a company that maximizes the value for all of those involved in their journey.

The Values that

defines Perkons'


The client is the main

vector of our actions

We deliver

what we promise

We work

with joy

We value

honesty and loyalty

We work

as a team

We value


Só há


only happen with


Our decisions are

based on results

Ethics and Compliance

For us, ethical behavior is summarized in acting with integrity, respect, cooperation, and according to the law, being trustworthy.

Acting this way in all of our relationships, we gain the trust of our clients, employees, and all the society.



We were founded out of the ideal for safe traffic and for three decades, our values and pioneering spirit have allowed us to work in the ITS market, servicing demands related to road safety, electronic traffic inspection, urban mobility, and traffic management.

Perkons Foundation

With expertise, a technical team highly specialized, and continuous investment in technologies, we started to develop products, services, and an integrated and flexible system, ensuring complete solutions for the public administration and private sector.

The invention of the Electronic Speed Bump

In the city of Curitiba (PR), the first Electronic Speed Bump in the World was the first of many innovations and solutions created by Perkons for a more human, safer, and more democratic road.

ISO 9001 Certification

We achieved the first ISO 9001 certification.

Perkons Release on the Internet

We launched the portal for traffic information and education: and

New Launches for the Portfolio

We developed new technologies, such as the Magnetic Profile, Cryptography, and Remote Data Download.

International Cryptography Certification

We internationally certify our cryptosystems and received the certifications Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm Validation Certificate and Secure Hash Standard Validation Certificate.

Year of International Expansion

We exported our solutions and know-how to Latin America when we open international operations affiliates in Peru and Colombia.

Road Traffic Education for Everyone

Perkonsdeveloped and made available free of charge an online educational tool –, to spread the information on road traffic legislation.

ISO 27001 Certification

Achieved the certification ISO 27001, an international reference for information security management.

Broadening Horizons

First contract with a private company (Grupo Arteris).

The Sky is the Limit

We participated for the first time in the largest fair of the segment, Intertraffic, in the City of Mexico.

Perkons makes Big Leaps

We advanced in the goal of taking road traffic solutions to the whole world and participated for the first time in the largest fair of the segment in the world at Intertraffic headquarters in Amsterdam.

We Achieved a Historical Milestone

Digital CTB has more than 4 million access per year.

Three Decades to Celebrate

A Perkons fez 30 anos de história e pelo 4º ano consecutivo, fomos certificadas pelo Great Place to Work.

We achieved the ISO 37001 Certification

Having a certification of the Anti-bribery Management System is recognition that we have taken adequate measures to prevent, detect, and respond to bribery, in addition to service investors, shareholders and clients with ethical and transparent internal procedures.


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Work with Us

When the subject is life quality in the road traffic Perkons is a specialist. Do you know why?

We develop innovative solutions, which become great allies of people’s right to come and go, and we are in continuous improvement.

For all this to happen, we need more than only technology, we need you!

We were founded out of the ideal for a safe road and three decades ago, our values and pioneering spirit allowed us to operate in the ITS market, meeting demands related to road safety, electronic road inspection, urban mobility, and road management.