Solutions in Road Inspection and Management

We are pioneers in the development and application of technology for road safety, inspection, and management.

Perkons was founded 32 years ago out of the ideal for safe roads when at the beginning of the 1990s our founders invented the electronic speed bump – the first of many solutions created to make streets and ways more human and democratic.

We are pioneers and leaders in the inspection market and road management, where our services and solutions are responsible for positively impact on the lives of thousands of people, with yearly numbers as follows:

Billions of vehicles monitored
0 +
Lives saved per device
Accidents avoided per device

Perkons Products

Innovative equipment with cutting-edge technology ensures safety and mobility on urban roads and highways.

Perkons Systems

Efficient management systems, developed by our team of professional specialists in traffic, computer, and automation.

Perkons products and services are designed for road safety

“The main objective of a road agency is saving lives. In this sense, Perkons is an important partner. They deliver effective devices for speed control, and this technology, combined with good planning, has reduced road accidents in our city.

Perkons’ products and services are thought mainly for road safety. They add a lot of value, directly helping the reduction of claims index in Recife, contributing to the improvement of our results and reaching our objective.”

Dalmário Barros

Road Technology Manager
Autarchy of Road and Urban Transportation of Recife (CTTU-Recife)
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We reduced the cases of tax default

“Perkons started the implementation of devices and technology in 2020 –  speed inspection, traffic light advance, scale (weight excess), road message panel (PMV) and OCR -, and has met the expectations, desires, and needs of Detran and the government of the State of Pará, giving us all the technical support and making available human resources and high-quality devices.

We know and understand the difficulties because our State is huge, with many non-populated areas inside the Amazon Rain Forest, including what brings these complexities from logistics. And Perkons surprised us, meeting our particularities and challenges so that we can have this technology in favor of the population of the State of Pará.”

José Bento Gouveia

Operating Technical Director
Road Department of the State of Pará (Detran-Pará)
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Together we develop solutions for accident reduction

“Perkons helped to reduce road accidents indicators in the city of Rio de Janeiro, contributing a lot at first to the modeling of electronic inspection in the city, being one of the first companies to sign an electronic inspection contract with CET-Rio.

Working with us to develop effective solutions to reduce accidents, in a partnership of over 15 years, Perkons brought us a great safety in all the services provided in our city.”

Thiago Roberto Teixeira Lima

Technical Director
Company of Road Engineering of Rio de Janeiro (CET-Rio)


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Check out the most important awards in the history of Perkons.

Outstanding Industry Award

Received the Outstanding Industry Award from the Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná (FIEP-PR), granted on the creation and technological development of the Electronic Speed Bump.

First Road Safety Volvo Award

Received the Road Safety Volvo Award for the work “Electronic Speed Bump – REV 921.”

Perkons Leads the Electronic Inspection Market in Brazil

Brazil is recognized for having the largest urban program of electronic inspection in the world with the best results, in which Perkons participates as a leader.

Second Road Safety Volvo Award

Perkons received the Road Safety Volvo Award for the work “Solutions for Safe Environments in Road.”

Implementation of AES Encryption

Both agencies, NIST (USA) and CSE (Canada) certified Perkons in Advanced Encryption Standard (AES),validating the safety of our systems.

Third Road Safety Volvo Award

Perkons received the Road Safety Volvo Award for the work “Information and knowledge for a safer road.”

USP and UFSCAR Merit Diploma

Received the Merit Diploma from USP and UFSCAR in recognition of its relevant work in favor of road safety in the country.

Decade of Action for Road Safety

The first private entity to commit to the Decade of Action for Road Safety (established by the UN).

In the Ranking of Most Innovative Companies in Brazil

Perkons is ranked among the most innovative companies in the South of Brazil by Amanhã Magazine for 2 consecutive years.

‘Great Place to Work’ Certificate

We received for the first timethe certificate “Great Place to Work” (GPTW).

Perkons is introduced into the ranking of the best companies to work in the technology sector.

First Sesi Trophy Seal

Perkons received the Sesi Trophy Seal in partnership with GPTW for being among the companies of Paraná with the best practices in safety, health, and welfare.

First ODS Sesi Seal

Received the ODS Sesi Seal for the actions carried out in favor of sustainable development.

4 years of GPTW

For the 4th consecutive year, Perkons is certified by Great Place to Work as one of the best companies to work in Paraná.

Three Decades to Celebrate

The Electronic Bump has made 30 years of history.

We were founded out of the ideal for a safe road and three decades ago, our values and pioneering spirit allowed us to operate in the ITS market, meeting demands related to road safety, electronic road inspection, urban mobility, and road management.