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SmartPK imagem destaque icone


The SmartPK line is composed of multifunctional equipment that detects and records metrological and non-metrological violations.


A portable, compact, and versatile device, SafeWay was developed for use in special and/or eventual actions of road traffic monitoring.

Perkons Electronic Monitoring Car (ViaPK)

ViaPK is a multi-operational solution developed to help the management of public security, monitoring, and road traffic control.
Lombada Educativa

Educational Speed Bump

It was developed to induce traffic to a safe speed at certain points of the road, as it allows them to check it on the display.
SmartPK ProW

SmartPK ProW

SmartPK ProW – Weigh-in-Motion – identifies and records vehicles for weight excess when in motion at the same speed of the road.


A smart camera with embedded software, the multi-functional OneCam detects and records different non-metrological violations.
Video Monitoramento icone v2

Video Monitoring

Non-intrusive solution with 360º rotation in high definition is recommended for road traffic inspection and detection of real-time infractions.


It is a smart system that processes the payment of fares according to the section of the road effectively used, with no charging points.
Talonário Eletrônico

Electronic Ticket Pad

The agent replaces the paper pad and ballpoint pen with a device that speeds up the process of filling out infractions with effectiveness and safety.
ícone PMV v4 sgv

Variable Message Panel (PMV)

A smart electronic device is composed of projected panels to display information and warning messages.
Cercamento Eletrônico

Electronic Fencing

Also known as a digital wall, it is a camera monitoring system that has smart technology.

Operating Control Center (CCO)

CCO is integration between systems and equipment, making a wide network of operating information to help the traffic operators.

Image Processing Center (CentralPK)

It is a system that encompasses several Backoffice steps with high-level data integration for the management of electronic traffic inspection.

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We were founded out of the ideal for a safe road and three decades ago, our values and pioneering spirit allowed us to operate in the ITS market, meeting demands related to road safety, electronic road inspection, urban mobility, and road management.