Perkons is a company that develops and applies technology for road safety - but that is not enough. All technology must be understood and enjoyed for the benefit of the people, making their lives richer and more productive. It is this vision that drives us to the constant development and qualification of our services, to apply them seriously and contributing to develop a more human traffic.

However, traffic is still understood in an incorrect and limited way. It is common to relate it only to people who drive vehicles, and as an exclusive phenomenon of large urban centers. Thinking in this way excludes the concept of the right to come and go.

Living safely in public space is everyone's right and to comprehend it is also improving the understanding of relationships between people.

This site aims to bring people together and to generate interest in the subject, increasing the scope of discussions about traffic. In it you will find information about electronic surveillance traffic equipment, its operation and benefits, regulatory, statistics, news and all the relevant content for those working in the sector.

We hope to interact with all those willing to help to change the current situation!